Songs For The Road

by Analog Monoxide

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released April 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Analog Monoxide Norway

Analog Monoxide is a working alias of Stian Høyberg, multi-instrumentalist musician and producer from Norway who has worked with various instruments and genres over the last 20 years.
The music is highly eclectic, ranging from electronica to jazz, and anything in between, often using computers and electronic equipment alongside traditional instruments, blending different sounds and styles.
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Track Name: Playing Tag
well it's been a while
since I went here
I wasn't sure
I'd be doing this again

there is still hope
said the misanthrope
time moves on
yeah, time moves on

don't know about you
but I plan to see
what the future brings
for you and me

but we know the deal
we're playing tag
where I choose you,
and you choose me
Track Name: Life Is Music
when you're meeting friends
an old song is sung anew
a song of life, of hearts meeting
and story passing on

and life is music
memories in the making
you know that it's all right
and this is where you're meant to be
Track Name: Words For The Road
I don't have too many words on my mind
I've been up, I've been down - guess I've been around
but these are some things, I believe to be true
they're as much for myself , as for you

try be gentle when you have them near
you never know how much time you'll share
we all are carrying, sorrows and ails
be the warming breeze, that fills their sails

but these are just words that I try to live by
I fail so often, and don't know why
I guess it's just, that I'm human, that is all
and flawed, that's the way that we are

but try to swallow your pride when you know
you've got wrong to set right, even if you feel low
you might not get the chance once more
you could say that I've learned this for sure

and try to cherish the gifts you receive
it will make you happier while you live
sometimes you get, and sometimes you must give
but each day is a gift to embrace

but these are just thoughts I try to recall
in my darkest hours, when I stumble and fall
I guess, I just wanted to say that you're not
alone if you're feeling this way
Track Name: I Would Do It All Again
I walk around the frozen streets for days
and I realize I'm searching for your face
Somehow I think you'll be just round the corner
that I'll hear your laugh, and all the world turns brighter

I'll hold you in my arms, your eyes shining bright
I'll kiss you, and I'll say how much I love you

I stumble on as frozen on the inside
as this cold world, which all my hopes denies
I grit my teeth, press on despite my blisters
looking for a friend among the strangers

when three days have passed, the world like a blur
my legs can carry me no further

your laugh has stilled, the world has learned of silence
I finally sit down, and I concede
a light so bright, went out in January
but I know that a part is always with me

as the world dissolves, I whisper your name
it was worth it all, I would do it again
Track Name: Indigo
you are the morning
the violet in the sky

you are the homestead
the place we gather by

and you are always
there if I should fall

to catch my sorrow
to be there by my side


as long I'm able
I'll be there standing by

I'll be the mountain
holding up the sky

if you should need me
you just have to call

and I know sometime
someone will see your heart

Track Name: Walk The Walk
gonna bring you to the river
gonna make you float or sink
gonna take you to the water
gonna make you taste the drink

there's no point to keep denying
there's nothing left to justify
it's just a sad old story
it's just a long goodbye

there's no time to play pretend now
there's no time to talk the talk
now it's time to face the music
now it's time to walk the walk

gonna travel over mountains
gonna travel over sea
I'm gonna find you hiding
gonna make you come and see

don't let it get you down now
don't let it bring you any grief
it's just a thing we tend to carry
it's just not something to keep

there's no time to play around now
there's no time for shadow play
now it's time to spin the fan up
now it's time the lady sings
Track Name: With You
still after all
this time gone by
I'm thinking of you
and wondering why

t'was one of those dreams
that never came through
I guess it's too late
but I wish you knew

that, babe, hey, I love you so,
babe, I need you so,
and babe, please don't you go
'cause I need to know

would it help
if I said please
knocked on your door
and got on my knees

and could we have changed
could you be mine
how would it been
if I'd got there in time

babe, I love you so,
babe, I need you so,
and babe, please don't you go
'cause I belong, with you

this time I guess
I have to let go
remember your kiss
and let it be so

your eyes lighting up
looking my way
I still see your face
these memories stay

babe, I still love you so,
babe, I still need you so,
and babe, I will miss you so
cause I belonged, with you
Track Name: Comfort Zone
been too long lingering in this place
I have to take it somewhere else
feel like too much just been going to waste
and now I'm running overdue

there's somewhere out there that fits me just right
somewhere that I can stay
there's no more time to waste on holding back
the road is up ahead

there's somewhere out there where I can belong
there's some way that I can try
there's no more time to waste on staying here
the second guessing stops right now

always some reason for holding back
I need to push ahead
'cause comfort's never gonna take you anywhere
just have to make your way

spend all my life on wishful dreams
or take the plunge right here right now
there's no more time to waste on holding back
the road is up ahead

there's somewhere out there where I can belong
somewhere that I can thrive
there's no more time to waste on staying here
second guessing stops right now
Track Name: Gilded Cage
you paint the future
so vividly
while looking outside
speaks differently

tell me to stay
stay in my cage
my gilded cage
my gilded cage

you spin your lies
so blatantly
while your machine grinds

tell me to stay
stay in my cage
my gilded cage
my gilded cage

you sell my future
to hold my leash
you're selling dreams
for easy cash

tell me to stay
in my god damn cage
this gilded cage
this gilded cage